Trump and the Bubble


Trump and the Bubble

Trump told the Washington Post that there’s a big bubble in the economy, and the stock market is inflated. Many people believe he’s right. “I think we’re sitting on an economic bubble. A financial bubble,” Trump said. According to The Washington Post, “Trump’s view also runs counter to that of most economists. Most economists aren’t overly worried about an imminent downturn.”

Do you agree with these mainstream economists and President Obama’s Administration that Trump’s just “peddling fiction” and the economy is doing just fine, or is Donald Trump telling the real truth?

The 2008 financial meltdown will look like that walk in the park we talked about, compared to what’s coming. We have a looming bond bubble, stock bubble, real estate bubble, and banking bubble all positioned to burst simultaneously. Not to mention the “too big to fail” corporations’ falsification of earnings being reported on Wall Street. Otherwise known as financial engineering. This keeps their deception alive and attempts to extract every last dollar before the impending mega-collapse occurs.

This message was adapted from the World Economic Report.

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