Virtual Healthcare Lifestyle Management

America’s Healthcare Crisis: It’s not the end, it’s the beginning!

Telemedicine: “Virtual Interactive Healthcare” – An emerging market that changes everything!

Obamacare got you down? We feel your pain.

Introducing Telemedicine: A revolutionary approach to Healthcare and Lifestyle Management

What is it? “Virtual Interactive Healthcare” offers on-demand virtual access to urgent, primary, and specialty care from paramedics, nurses, and physicians anytime, anywhere. Through an exclusive partnership with leading healthcare providers, telemedicine provides Lifestyle, Choice, and Control – in the palm of your hand.

It’s a revolutionary approach to Healthcare and Lifestyle Management.

Through your mobile device, you can access a really cool app that works anywhere using GPS and internet access tracking. Your whole family can communicate and receive help from a medical professional or doctor when you need him or her most. The best thing about this technology and service is that for most people, it costs less than what they’re currently paying for healthcare. As a bonus, you get back more time and money to enjoy quality of life.

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Did you know that telemedicine is the third fastest leading emerging market? Keep reading to find out how you can benefit!

One area Americans get hammered with is with taxes and healthcare. The Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, is not so affordable these days. With the rising cost of healthcare and the massive exit by health insurance companies fleeing Obamacare, it’s become a popular topic on the news every day – with headlines like, “Millions of Americans Lose Insurance.” The bottom line is that we Americans can’t afford the huge increase in cost that’s necessary to support the people who are benefitting from the great Obamacare experiment. It’s not working. Those who are receiving subsidized or free healthcare are the only success story. But what about the rest of America that is forced to cover (pay for) others’ bills with higher taxes, higher costs, penalties, and a legacy of national debt reaching $20 trillion to leave to the next generation?

Now here’s the real pain. Did you know that some people spend more money on their medical insurance and copays than on their house payments? That’s simply ridiculous! We’re going to change that with a worthy crusade you can get behind and feel good about supporting.

An emerging market trend known as “the internet of things” has changed our lifestyle. Between the internet, smartphones and tablets, online shopping has substantially increased, bringing the store home to every household. With our mobile devices, we can shop anywhere, anytime. We count on these devices for security, entertainment, productivity, daily lifestyle, and now we can access “Virtual Interactive Healthcare.”

With these trends and the latest technology, we can have our cake and eat it too!

Financial freedom, stronger relationships, and a healthier lifestyle are within reach!

Let’s talk about Lifestyle Management.

Whether you’re single, married, younger, older, live at home, or are away at college, this will benefit you.

Is there a doctor in the house?

When was the last time your medical doctor made a house call? Wouldn’t it be great to have a doctor “on demand,” everywhere you go?

How would your lifestyle improve if you had a Doctor on Call? Would you see the doctor more, if there was no waiting and no hassles?

Would you find value in having no risk, no driving, no gas costs, no wasted time, and no accidents on the way to the doctor’s office?

Would you be healthier if the fear of leaving home or getting sick from people in the waiting room was eliminated?

What if you could access the services of a medical professional anytime, anywhere? Would reducing cost, freeing up lost time, saving money and developing more freedom enhance your lifestyle?

Can you say, “My doctor is always with me?” Yes, now you can!

The million-dollar question is, how much will this cost? If I said “nothing,” you most likely would save money, but would you believe it’s true? At this point, probably not. We have been taught as a society that there’s always a cost to everything. There are no free rides or free lunches – someone always pays. Well, hold that thought!

Telemedicine is the latest cutting-edge emerging health care trend that is changing the way we live and interact with medical professionals. It’s revolutionary. It allows middle-class America to finally do what the wealthy have always done, which is self-insure. You know the formula: reduce costs, reposition and invest the difference to increase your quality of life. Then watch your savings compound in a tax-advantaged vehicle with choice, control, liquidity and a fair rate of return.

This service and technology empowers people, including professionals, businesses, and families who want more time and money, without investing more time or money. How? We find the money they’re already spending and simply reposition those found dollars, which gives people back time and money. It’s that simple; it’s not complicated. Once you have your “aha” moment, that flash of insight, your perspective begins to change.

Telemedicine: “Virtual Interactive Healthcare” offers Lifestyle, Choice, and Control

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Are you concerned with the high cost of health insurance, and quality of care? What if you could receive high-quality “virtual interactive healthcare” in your home, office, school or even at the beach, anytime, anywhere at an affordable price? Would your lifestyle change? Watch this video, learn, and subscribe. Membership makes a difference. “Virtual Interactive Healthcare”

What if you had the freedom to change employment, because you were in control of your healthcare and financial benefits, and not controlled by your job? How much better off would you feel, by having choice and control over your lifestyle?

Instead of being a prisoner of your past, be the architect of your future!

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