Feds printing money


It’s the perfect storm of 2016. We are in the eye of the storm – the hurricane if you will – and it appears to be quiet on all fronts. Normally as we go about our daily lives, as our government continues to artificially inflate the economy, we hear all is well. As the Feds keep printing more money with no real value to back up our financial debts, the message is, “Don’t worry, keep borrowing money, keep spending money, the economy is getting better.” Normally, when the government or politicians are telling you something, the exact opposite is taking place. This is happening as the world sits back unaware of the currency wars and calamities they’ll face as we come out of the eye of this economic storm. The one thing we don’t know is exactly the size of the eye and when will we fully emerge from it. No one really knows, but we can make a good guess that it’s coming based on current and past events. We are in an election year. The new world bank is fully funded, and we continue to spend with no end in sight, financially bankrupting our country. We know that the end is around the corner; the day of reckoning is at hand. It’s only a matter of time!

This message was adapted from the World Economic Report.

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