Run on the Bank


Run on the Bank

If you knew that there would be no money available next time you went to the ATM or pulled out your credit or debit card, how much extra cash would you carry in your wallet? I’ll leave that question for you to ponder. Secondly, if you knew that there would be no police, fire or emergency services to assist you in times of need, what would you have on hand to protect yourself? I’ll leave that one for you to consider as well. If you knew the stock market was going to crash by 50% next month, where would you move your money? Now that’s one I will answer, as it is my area of expertise. As I promised, I will share where to safeguard your money, and if it’s not in the bank or stock market, then where? It’s with one of the oldest and most respected institutions in the world. With an industry that has a reputation for safely protecting money and people’s wealth for more than 100 years. With an industry that is self-regulated and monitored by the state and the federal government. If customers asked for their money or the entity had to pay something back all at once, there are mandates and safeguards in place to have 100% financial reserves on hand to cover all of its depositors’ liabilities at one time. This entity can’t be related to the banking or securities industry because that simply is not the case. What is it, you ask? The answer may surprise you. And there is only one answer!

This message was adapted from the World Economic Report.

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