World Alliance and Election


World Alliance Fallout and Election

The end is at hand for U.S. control of the world reserves currency, and leaders for the new global economy have spoken. Right now we can print new money even when there is no money because everyone in the world needs U.S. dollars to trade their goods. When that changes, we won’t be able to use our USA gold credit card anymore, and the U.S. banking, the stock market, housing, and the U.S. Dollar will drop overnight. It can happen anytime. There’s no real way to predict the actual date this may occur, other than to say that it can happen anytime over the next 36 months. If we keep doing the same things but expecting different results, it may be sooner than later. Some believe it’s going to happen before the November election. With our current attitudes of complacency and politics, most predict there’s nothing the U.S. government can do to stop this from occurring. Both political parties claim they have the solution. They can’t both be right. If so, we could have resolved our issues under our current congressional and administration leadership. We must learn from our failures and make effective changes before it’s too late. This time, we do not have years to wait and see what happens. The choice for many is clear: vote party lines no matter the issue. Others follow mainstream media. As for the rest of the nation, they make an independent, educated decision based on their gut. I recommend that you study the issues out in your mind and ponder who you feel is best qualified to run our country and most effectively solve the economic and social problems we are facing. My main concern is the economy. I believe many of our social injustices could be solved if virtually everyone had a job. It would solve many of the issues on our streets every day. With that in mind, one should vote for the person who has a proven background in economics and can get the job done. This choice is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime. You have a choice: Career Politician or Executive Business Entrepreneur. As a nation, we must support whoever is elected as our president, and pray for their success to make the hard choices required to save our way of life. The world governments have spoken and if we don’t regain their confidence, our economic control for the past 70 years will come to an end.

You won’t find much of this information on the nightly news, and our government also keeps a lid on many types of economic news. As of this writing, the alliance from my research has not formally announced its intentions, although we can look to the International Monetary Fund, which has suggested the need for a new world currency.

This message was adapted from the World Economic Report.

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