World Alliance and Election


World Alliance Fallout and Election

The end is at hand for U.S. control of the world reserves currency, and leaders for the new global economy have spoken. Right now we can print new money even when there is no money because everyone in the world needs U.S. dollars to trade their goods. When that changes, we won

Peace of mind

It’s all about safety and peace of mind!


It’s all about financial clout. Collectively, the insurance companies of North America own, control, or manage more assets than all of the banks and oil companies in the world combined. During the Great Depression, it was not the government that bailed out the banking industry, it was U.S. insurance companies. So when the new mega financial collapse hits the U.S., the insurance industry will be next to last to fold – second only to the government. And this is only true because the government has taxing power and of course, the ability to print more money. If the insurance industry were ever to collapse, we would look back at the Great Depression as a walk in the park in comparison.

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